Who we are

Freeport Mennonite Church is a community of Christ followers - imperfect people saved by God's incredible grace.  We are diverse in our ages, vocations and backgrounds.

We enjoy spending time with each other, and we love to meet new people. You are welcome to stop by the church during our services. You are also welcome to contact us.

We are affiliated with Illinois Mennonite Conference which is a part of the larger denomination Mennonite Church USA.

Church History

Freeport Mennonite Church was founded in 1845 by Martin and Samuel Lapp, who came from Clarence Center, NY. 

Joseph S. Shoemaker, a minister ordained in 1892, was a member of various Mennonite Church boards.  He traveled to India in 1910 to visit missions there.  Since that time, FMC has had a strong interest in missions.  FMC has participated in Mennonite Central Committee meat canning since 1951.